ev Story and the Design Philosophy

ev home

ev is a new brand in formation which respects authentic “Made in India” that also contains history and craftsmanship with attention to every small detail.

ev means home in Turkish and is the brainchild of a father and a daughter. One a veteran in the brass industry and the other a luxury marketing professional in the capital New Delhi.

Jimmy {Ajay Gupta} is the founder and owner of Paragon Metal Industries. Paragon Metal Industries has been operating as a manufacturer and exporter of brass handicrafts from India over 30 years now. Adi {Aditi Gupta} started on her journey from being a TV Journalist to a Luxury Marketer to ev now. ev is another dream to promote the artisans of India.

ev is a combination of two words i.e. earth and vigor, where earth stands for “space” and vigor stands for your “strength”, “energy” and “force”. ev through its collection intends to connect your earth with your vigor.

The identity of ev’s collection resides in the authentic “Made in India”. ev’s products are plastic-free, chemical-free and made with love by the best Indian artisans. ev offers customisation from colour to material to inscription for a loved one.